Little Peoples Place Child Care Center in Perth

Let us introduce ourselves, we’re Little Peoples Place Early Learning Centres in Perth WA.

Childlike wonder is an amazing thing - and that’s what we cultivate and nurture every day. We believe that early childhood learning forms the foundation for the development of skills needed to excel in life. So, in a home-away-from-home environment, our fun & friendly team encourages every child to learn and discover through play-based hands-on experiences. So come explore with us and see what makes Little Peoples Place, the place for young minds to thrive. “Hand in hand we learn & grow!”

Welcome to Little Peoples Place, one of the most celebrated Perth child Care centres. We offer much more than a reliable daycare service. Instead, our goal is to help cultivate curiosity, confidence and a love of learning in the children we work with. The kids enrolled at Little Peoples Place emerge with healthy minds and bodies – ready to make friends, succeed at school and learn more about the world they live in.

We Engage Young Minds with Sustainable Activities

Children need to be actively engaged and invited to experience and interact with the world around them. This is how young minds grow and develop, and it’s central to our philosophy at Little Peoples Place.

At each of our Perth child Care centres, we work hard to ensure that your child has ample opportunity to learn whilst doing. Here’s a quick overview of the types of activities they’ll enjoy:

  • Making music
  • Reading and listening to stories
  • Tending the vegetable garden
  • Making healthy homemade snacks
  • Feeding the chickens

Activities like these do more than help the little people under our care develop important skills. They also serve to build confidence and nurture relationships. Children that have spent their early years learning and developing with Little Peoples Place are ready to dive headfirst into primary school and thrive. 

Perth Child Care for a Healthy Start in Life

At Little Peoples Place, we’re committed to helping your child receive the best start in life. For us, the saying, ‘Hand in hand we grow and learn’, is a call to collaboration. That’s why we work with parents, families and community groups to ensure that the children under our care are presented with ample opportunity to engage with the world around them in fun and educational ways. 

We understand that every child has her own unique background, his own set of experiences. As such, we cater to the individual’s strengths, needs and interests. We believe in acknowledging and respecting those aspects of ourselves that set us apart. And that belief informs the way we work with your children, at our Perth child care centres, to help them grow and develop. Because each child under the care of ‘Little Peoples Place’ is just that – a little person, worthy of love and respect. 

Conveniently Located Day Care Centres in Perth

Our team understand how important it is to parents that they’re able to find high-quality Perth child Care services facilities that are close to their homes or offices. The time spent driving to and from preschool in Perth every day adds to the daily commute and ends up robbing families of quality time spent together. That’s why we operate ten Perth child Care centres around the Perth metropolitan area.

Whether you’re looking for Perth child Care centres in Perth’s Northern Suburbs or prefer to take advantage of a facility located to the south of the city, you’ll find a Little Peoples Place to suit your Perth child care services needs and schedule. In every case, you can count on your child receiving the same high level of care and attention.

If you’d like to learn more about Little Peoples Place and the Perth child Care centres we operate, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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