10 Benefits of Enrolling Your Little One in Quality Child Care Early

Dropping your child off at day care, especially if your child is very little, can be a very stressful experience at first. It is completely natural to be concerned about the impact child care could have on both you and your little one, however, quality child care is actually an incredibly beneficial service.

Here are the top 10 benefits of enrolling your little one into child care early:

1. Set up a Routine Schedule

Simply put, young children have a lot to benefit from a strict daily schedule. A high-quality child care facility like Little People’s Place Day Care Centre for Children will offer a complete programme of activities to keep your child busy all day long. From songs to story time, even the youngest of little ones are kept on a specific schedule.

Although children don’t necessarily pay attention to the ticking of a clock, these entertaining tasks provide the fundamentals for your child’s intellectual development and growth.

2. Advanced Academic Preparation

Studies have shown that early enrolment in child care leads to higher academic achievement scores in the child’s future. Children as young as infants and toddlers can begin to be introduced to active thinking as well as experimenting in a safe, supervised environment. This is a crucial part to the child learning about how some things work and some fundamental problem-solving skills.

3. Sensory Stimulation

Infants and toddlers at Little People’s Place are introduced to music, physical activities, and art. This means that they are encouraged to explore the creative possibilities involved with making music and see the growth of the vegetable garden, giving them first-hand experiences with some of the most beautiful things in life.

4. Encourages Cooperative Play

The sooner a child learns good cooperative play skills, the better. Through both structured and unstructured fun activities, toddlers are taught in a soothing environment how to share with each other. Child care creates a valuable opportunity for children to gain more experience cooperating with one another.

5. Create an Easier Transition to Kindergarten

Simply put, enrolling your little one into child care earlier on will create a smoother transition to kindergarten because they will find the structured schooling easier to adjust to than children who have never been in an environment like that before. Parents also tend to be more involved in their kid’s academic community when the child is enrolled in day care.

6. Creates Safe Interaction with Other Adults

Child day care is an opportunity for children to be introduced to adults other than immediate family that can be seen as mentors that provide helpful guidance through their learning. These adults are there to provide caring encouragement as well as to discourage any negative behaviour that may occur throughout the day.

7. Helps Build Better Health

It is not uncommon for children who attend kindergarten to come home with colds regularly. Enrolling your child into child care earlier on exposes them to other people sooner which helps them build up a resistance to viruses later on in their academic career. Being less vulnerable to viruses is extremely beneficial for both you and your child. Another health benefit is the fact that care centres provide opportunities for active playing and exercise, which encourages a healthier lifestyle.

8. Social Interaction

Day care creates the opportunity for your child to interact with all kinds of other personalities between the other enrolled children and the supervising adults. Compared to the normal one-on-one interaction with just parents that non-enrolled children get, this introduction to social interactions will help your child make friends more quickly later on.

9. Encourages Better Communication and Language Development

While your child is developing their social interaction skills, they are also working in valuable language and cognitive development practice. This early introduction to topics, like colours or the alphabet, will greatly benefit the development of your child.

10. Benefits You as a Parent

While you may be anxious about the whole child care process, you should know that it also benefits you. For example, a mother who is financially able to stay at home may take up a job which has been shown to benefit mental health and decrease depression. The social aspect of dropping your child off at day care creates a feeling of community, and it also helps you get to know the parents of the other children.