5 Winter Activities Kids Will Love

Entertaining kids can be hard work.

When you’re at work, the kids are enrolled in a child Care centre Perth, but what about the weekends, and on vacation?

What about when the weather turns and winter starts to set in?

If you’re looking activities for kids in Perth, you’re spoiled for choice, and today we’ll walk you through 5 winter activities your kids will love.

1) Rollerdrome      

Remember, in the days before clubs or bars when you’d head off to a teen roller disco?

With those classic 80s power anthems pulsing from tinny speakers, you’d power round on battered skates a size too big.

If you live near Morley, head on over to the Rollerdrome for a fix of nostalgia in the form of the traditional boots, but an updated soundtrack.

One of the problems with winter is that children tend to be less inclined to get out and about. It’s all too easy for them to get trapped in a vicious cycle of PlayStation and YouTube while their fitness levels dip.

Skating will give everyone in the family a much-needed jolt of cardio, while also encompassing the crucial element of fun.

There are plenty of things to do in Perth, so you’re never going to be short on ideas. If you can’t think of anything specific on the day, there’s always the old classic…

2) Movies

Movies for kids is a timeless option.

As technology evolves and films become more and more realistic, an immersive movie can captivate the attention of your little ones for hours.

Heading to the movies is an occasion in itself.

Load up on your snack food of choice and settle in for some comedy or fantasy while leaving your cares behind.

If you don’t feel like popping to the cinema, you can bring the movies home to you.

The changing media landscape means it’s easier than ever before, with Netflix subscription, to bring thousands of different titles into your home for a very modest monthly fee.

However you choose to watch your movies, this is a failsafe option when the weather outside doesn’t look inviting.

3) Scitech

If your kids are out of daycare, and you’re after a stimulating and educational day out that doesn’t end up boring your children, you should think about the Scitech Discovery Centre.

Whether it’s a weekend jaunt or a birthday party, there’s something for kids of all ages at Scitech.

The 180-degree planetarium alone is worth the trip. The reclining seats let you lounge back and bask in a truly immersive experience surrounded by sea life.

There’s a puppet theatre for the youngsters and a gift shop with something for everyone.

Themed interactive exhibitions take place throughout the year.

For all things science turned into real fun, hustle down to Scitech when you’ve collected the children from their child Care centre Perth.

4) Ice Skating

There are many great things about Australia, but you’re not likely to be treated to any snow.

Just like in Dubai they brought snow to the desert, at Xtreme Ice Arena, you can do far more than ice skate.

There’s an ice hockey academy if your kids are interested in pursuing that sport, and there are also speed skating and figure skating classes.

However, you want to take to the ice, celebrate winter in style at Xtreme Ice Arena in Perth.


The underwater aquarium AQWA offers an interactive day out that will captivate you as much as the kids.

Ever-evolving exhibitions, from coral to sea life, will keep your kids eager for more throughout the day.

Whether they want to check out miniature sea horses or massive sharks, there’s something for everyone at AQWA.


So we mentioned daycare at the start.

We’ll have a look now at the pros and cons of daycare in general since it’s not the most suitable option for everyone.

Daycare Pros and Cons


  • Continuous Care: If the demands of your job or schedule are such that you need help with your toddler, you can arrange daycare right on through childhood from these very early stages
  • Cost-Effective: While it’s not cheap, the best child Care is still much less expensive than hiring in a reputable nanny
  • Social Aspect: Daycare exposes your kids to plenty of contact with other young faces
  • Education: All solid child Care programs offer some sort of educational benefit.
  • Reliable Service: Babysitters and nannies are far more likely to let you down than a child Care centre. The chance of them letting you down is almost nil


  • Costs Can Mount: If you’re on a tighter budget, there’s no question that child Care costs can become prohibitive. Look into whether you can get any assistance with daycare costs
  • Exposure To Germs: Although it’s awesome that your pride and joy will be mixing with so many new friends, the downside is being exposed to all those germs. Be prepared for a few sniffles and coughs
  • Child Not With You: Obviously, if your child is in daycare they won’t be spending that time with you

How To Choose a Great Daycare Centre

It is worth taking a great deal of time and trouble when it comes to choosing the right daycare centre for your children. This is not the kind of decision you want to rush into with the welfare of your kids at stake.

Luckily, it’s not that tough to find the right fit…


  1. Initial Research: Word of mouth goes a long way when you’re looking for a child Care centre Perth. Speak to friends and family and look for anyone satisfied. Ask your doctor and pediatrician for recommendations. Looking online and checking review is another way to conduct some basic research and to start coming up with a shortlist
  2. Preliminary Calls: Once you’ve narrowed down child Care centres to a few, it’s time to give them a call
  3. Visit The Daycare Centre: After speaking to a centre that seems like it might work out, it’s time to pay a visit in person. Get a feel for the place and ask yourself if you can visualize you child happy in that place. If you’re not certain, the answer is no
  4. Check Up on References: If you’re happy with a child Care centre in principle, take the time to verify any references or reviews. Make sure you’ll be getting what you sign up for
  5. Pay an Unscheduled Visit: Although it might sound devious, it’s worth making an unannounced visit to see how things run day-to-day
  6. Make Your Choice: Based on everything you find, it’s time to choose the very best child Care centre Perth which should be here at Little Peoples Place!

What To Look For When Visiting Daycare Centres Perth

Aside from using your common sense and intuition, there are a few things to keep an eye out for when you’re visiting your shortlisted daycare centres.

  • A Creative, Stimulating Environment: Monitor the way the caregivers interact with the children. You can readily see if kids are engaged and stimulated. If you see children staring into space or bored, it’s probably not the best place. There should be plenty of toys tailored to age groups. Watch out for activities and check that children are stretched and pushed, helped to learn in a fun way
  • Security: You need to be sure all doors are locked and adequate security is in place. The last thing you want is your child able to roam freely. Also try to see that there are strict checks in place at drop-off and pick-up
  • Hygiene: It’s obviously imperative that hygiene is spotless across the board. Everything should be cleaned regularly and pay close attention to how diaper areas are maintained, and how food is prepared than how utensils are cleaned and bottles are dealt with. You can never be too careful, and there’s simply no excuse for poor hygiene at a daycare centre
  • General Safety: There should be no sharp objects in the path of tiny fingers, and you should get an overall feel that the atmosphere is safe and suitable for your little ones

Why Choose Daycare At All?

Opting for child Care Perth is not an all or nothing proposition…

It’s not like you won’t be seeing your children.

The thing is, you can focus on your career and other commitments when you need to so you can provide a better life for your family now and further down the line. During these times, an effective daycare centre is a lifeline and means you won’t need to impose on the generosity of others to mop up the slack.

Then, when you’re free, you can make the very most of the time you spend with your kids and take them on plenty of activities like the one’s we’ve looked at today.


Final Words

Hopefully, you’ll get chance to power through all 5 winter activities your kids will love.

We also hope you find the best daycare for your needs. Get in touch and you’ll be glad you did. So will your children!