About Little Peoples Place early learning centres

Take a moment and think back to your childhood. Remember how it felt to experience wonder in the smallest activities… how proud you felt when you completed a task independently… and how every day brought something new to be known. That’s what we strive to give to every child who walks through our doors.

Young children learn most effectively when they are engaged in active, hands-on experiences. It’s these experiences that provide the foundation for their learning in developmental and curriculum areas in the Early Years Learning Framework. In short, children learn by engaging all of their senses.

Engaging a child’s senses is no mean feat! That’s why every one of our centres features a variety of areas and activities, from tending to the veggie gardens, caring for chooks, making healthy home made snacks, and recycling waste to feed the gardens – it’s good clean sustainable fun! Activities like these build confidence, nurture relationships and create a strong sense of self within our littlest people.