Community Links

At Little Peoples Place we understand that children learn in a variety of ways. As much as they can learn within our walls, they’ll learn an equal amount through their personal experience outside of our walls, in the community.

Through their interaction with peers, teachers and the broader community children will discover new things about themselves and the world around them – giving them a sense of where they belong.

Our inclusive teaching environment – where children learn together – provides them with opportunities to strengthen community membership and become part of sporting teams, community groups and join in social events.

We’re currently involved in a number of community groups and events that provides the opportunity to see pillars of our community in action. These include:

  • Police, Fire Department and Ambulance services to help children learn about their role in our community
  • Charity events and fundraises held at our centres
  • Joined to local libraries
  • Visiting our local schools
  • Local environmental heroes & workers who visit the centre to teach recycling & gardening
  • Community based excursions and incursions

It’s all about helping children be aware of the world around them.