Educational Play Activities You Can Do with Little Ones at Home

Do you feel like you’re constantly trying to find new way to keep your children entertained, but that nothing really works for as long as you feel like it should? Are they constantly complaining that they are bored in the house and want to go out when you’d rather stay home?

Generally, activities in the home are cheaper and easier for parents – so if you’ve been struggling to find options that are popular with your children, then here are some great ideas to help get you started and that will help your children learn something as well:

#1: Do a Home Science Experiment

There are countless science activities your children can do within the home, allowing them to have fun and learn something too! Some of the best science activities are ones that span several days or even weeks, waiting for a reaction to happen or to observe the results of what your children have put together. A popular option is planting multiple plants, with each one having a slightly different environment to see the results. Maybe you could play each plant different types of music, water them with different types of water, or keep them in different rooms, to see which plant grows best!

#2: Tell a Story

Kids love stories, and they are a fun way to pass the time – often both for parents and child alike! By telling stories with your child, you can gain insight to their interests and what their imagination holds, while allowing them to stretch their creativity. Some story telling activities include you each taking a turn telling a part of the story, and then letting the other have a turn to piggyback off of what you have contributed to the tale. You can make guidelines on how much each turn should consist of – possibly a long-winded excerpt, only a paragraph, or possibly even a mere word! These sorts of activities typically end in a wild tale that makes little to no sense, but with lots of giggles along the way!

#3: Colour Activities

Who doesn’t love colour activities? Children can often pass hours playing in their colouring books and letting their imaginations run wild. You can print out pictures from the internet and allow your children to colour them with crayons, markers, or whatever their hearts desire. You can also get a colouring book on one of their favourite subjects that they will be able to enjoy playing drawing and colouring in! Some of them feature fun activities and colouring prompts take the fun to the next level.

#4: Make a Scavenger Hunt

This is a fun game for adults to play with kids in the home. It starts with the adult hiding certain objects around the home, and writing clues for the children to find where they are. This allows the children to practice their thinking skills by using the clue to decipher where the hidden object it. To make things more interesting, you can choose to hide objects that the child love and is well-familiar with, such as their toys or stuffed animals.

The Verdict

Getting tired of children in the home declaring “I’m bored!” all day long? The above ideas should be a great starting point to show your children how interesting you can make your home with just a little bit of imagination. Of course, your kids can’t hang around the house all day, every day. When the situation really calls for your kids to get some time outside your home, then it might be time to consider child care in Perth City!