Family Communications

Strong relationships are built on good communication. That’s why here at Little Peoples Place Early Learning Centre, we promote open, honest and positive communication between our children, parents and staff.

We recognize that your family is your children’s most first and most influential teachers which is why we work to build an open line of communication between families and our centres. This promotes a harmonious environment which fosters active partnerships between children, parents and educators.

We have an active Facebook page, individual daily communication books, photo boards, parent committee meetings, parent teacher nights and creative art files, as well as individual learning portfolios for your children.

We strongly encourage all parents and educators to share information about their child, on a regular basis. This can be done through a number of ways including: informal chats, formal meetings, over the phone, via email and Facebook or in written form e.g. our parent input letters.

All of our educators make themselves available to parents so they can gain both feedback and insight in how your child’s learning is progressing so we can ensure they’re getting the best start to life possible.

Here at Little Peoples Place, we strongly believe in and support an open door policy and welcome all families to chat with us at anytime.