Family Support Agencies

Are struggling to cover the costs associated with child Care?

Relax! Support is available.

The Australian Government offers a number of services and programs designed to support families who may be struggling financially.

If eligible, they can help you with costs for approved and registered care such as long, family or occasional day care, outside school hour care, vacation care, pre-school and kindergarten.

We understand just how hard parenting can be which is why we’re there to offer our support wherever we can. We hold a number of informative workshops and classes including:

  • Parent nights
  • Ngala Workshops
  • School Readiness workshops
  • Child Protection workshops
  • Parents First Aid Training classes… and more

Plus, we can also provide parents with helpline information and links to community groups in the area.

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24/7 Helplines & Phone Counselling:

Business Hours Helplines:

For more information on our classes or for links to courses and groups, contact us today.