Connecting with Australian History

Learning about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history and culture allows children to develop respect for diversity and gain an understanding of cultural difference.  It provides all children with a rich and well-rounded knowledge of Australia’s history.

This cultural is something that is promoted throughout all of the Little Peoples Place centres and the company as a whole.

At our East Fremantle centre the children participate in a variety of experiences including the use of recycled materials to dot paint on with the vision of creating a didgeridoo.

Each morning the children share and show understanding as well as respect whilst singing the ‘wanjoo’ song which is a particular favourite and means ‘welcome’.  Many of the children share a deeper understanding and passion towards this as they share facts and information about the indigenous people during mat sessions which is a delight to hear.

The children also enjoy tea from the aboriginal culture which they make themselves with the infusion pot.