Now You Can Tour Our Child Care Facilities Online!

We are delighted to announce the addition of a brand new feature to our website: virtual tours of our highly rated South Perth child care centres, starting with those located in Byford Larsen Road and Port Kennedy. If you have a child that is already enrolled at one of our centres, please feel free to share the news with your friends so they can see what our daycare centres are like without even having to leave the comfort of their own home. If you are currently considering your options as far as child Care in Perth is concerned, please do not hesitate to try our virtual tours whenever you have a few minutes to spare and to contact us with any questions you may have.

Virtual Tour of Port Kennedy South Perth Child Care Facility

Screenshot of our Port Kennedy Centre Virtual Tour

Port Kennedy Child Care Center Indoor play area

Virtual Tour of Port Kennedy South Perth Child Care Facility

Check Our Centres Out Before Arranging a Personal Visit


While the vast majority of parents are sure to want to visit in person before deciding where to send their children, we appreciate the fact that many mothers and fathers lead busy lives and may find it difficult to find time to visit all of the child Care centres in their part of the city. With this in mind, we decided to introduce our virtual tours in an attempt to make life easier for local parents who are looking for the best child care in Byford or elsewhere in the city. Now, mums and dads who have a full-time career and a busy home life can check our our centres before arranging a visit to discuss their needs in detail and to meet the staff who will be caring for their little ones during the day.


What’s Included in the Tours


It might not be the same as visiting in person but you can learn a great deal from taking a quick virtual tour on our website. After checking out the spacious indoor areas, you can head out the door and take a look at the outside play areas, where the children under our care enjoy playing on slides, riding on bikes or just running around, all while under the supervision of our qualified staff of course.


Play are in Perth city child care facility Byford

Screenshot of our Byford Centre Virtual Tour

Outdoor Space for Perth Day Care Center in Byford

Screenshot of our Byford Centre Virtual Tour

First-Class Facilities in Fantastic Locations


With ten centres, 8 of which are south of the river and 2 of which are in Mount Lawley, just a few kilometres from the CBD, most residents of the city will find that there is a Little People’s Place within easy reach of their home or workplace. What’s more, because the care team at each one consists of individuals who have been hand picked for their commitment, enthusiasm, experience and qualifications, you can look forward to the same exceptionally high standard of care no matter where you decide to enrol your child. If you are interested in discovering more about our Port Kennedy or Byford Larsen Road facilities, head to the individual centre pages now to check out the new virtual tours. To learn more about our other locations, call or email whenever convenient and we will be happy to provide you with all the information you require.