Supported charities by Little Peoples Place

Little Peoples Place believes that donating to a cause that we care about not only benefits the charities themselves, it is deeply rewarding for us.  To help others is hugely empowering and fulfilling.  It strengthens personal values and introduces the children to the importance of generosity.  Children naturally love to help others, so nurturing their innate generosity is likely to mean they grow up with a greater appreciation of what they have, and will carry on supporting charities in years to come.  The charities we support and how we do this is an integral part of our routines, education and curriculum so the children are at the centre of this.

Some are the charities that we support are ‘Share the Dignity’, Telethon, Ashronia Community Services, Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea, many gold coin donation charities such as Jeans for Genes Day and Perth Homelessness.