Our Philosophy

Put simply, we believe that ‘hand in hand we learn & grow’. It is the collaboration with parents, families, and community groups that helps Little People Place early learning centres accommodate diverse perspectives and ensure every child’s learning experience is a meaningful one.

Each and every child comes to the centre with a different set of experiences and backgrounds which are acknowledged and respected. We strongly believe that during this crucial stage of development, it’s paramount that continuity is maintained between the home and the centre. At Little Peoples Place, we not only welcome, but encourage you to become involved in your children’s educative process.

After all, families are a children’s first and most influential teachers, so we take it upon ourselves to support families as they undertake this important role.

As part of our daily activities and learning, we instill the value of natural and open-ended materials, such as water, sand and wood. By encouraging the exploration of our natural and built environment both indoors and out, children develop an appreciation for the world around them, while developing their imagination, creativity and sense of achievement. Sustainability plays a big role in our centres – and lives!

Our philosophy is:

  • Each child has unique needs, interests and strengths, and is catered for as an individual.
  • Each child has a different set of experiences, which are acknowledged and respected.
  • Children learn through doing, experimenting, experiencing, predicting and achieving.
  • Healthy self-esteem is the basis of positive intellectual, social and emotional growth – so let’s nurture it!
  • Staff lead by example, demonstrating respect for all children equally without bias to create strong bonds and trustworthy relationships.
  • Everyone needs a well-balanced healthy diet. Our freshly prepared meals provide nutrition whilst taking into account the child’s home and cultural backgrounds.
  • We foster a warm positive approach to behavior management which teaches self-control while developing children socially and emotionally.
  • We encourage children to learn the importance of self regulation when it comes to their emotions.

Our values are simple:

  • Passion: Passion for our job and the children puts perfection in the work.
  • Respect: By showing respect and acceptance in our interactions, we lead by example for the children.
  • Recognition: No good deed should go unrewarded – by replacing expectations with appreciations, our world becomes a better place.
  • Team Spirit: We welcome every opportunity to work closer with our team, parents and members of the community to achieve our goal of happy, healthy children who embrace life.
  • Environment: By ‘going natural’ everywhere possible – from soap to play equipment – our environments maximise each childs learning and development.