Why Day Care Can Have a Positive Impact on Your Child

As parents, it’s easy to feel guilty about lots of things, and when you return to work either full or part-time, it can be an anxious time. It means that you need to find child care, and if you’ve been a stay at home parent since their birth, then sending them to a child Care centre can be a big adjustment. While it’s natural to feel guilty, it’s worth noting the many positive outcomes that day care can have. Here are some of the reasons why going to a child Care centre can be good for kids.

Children can overcome separation anxiety

Separation anxiety is incredibly common in toddlers, and parents are often worried about sending their child to day care during this phase. However, using a South Perth child care centre can actually help with this process, teaching your child that it’s OK to be without you, and that you’ll come back. Day care staff are trained to deal with children undergoing separation anxiety, and can help your family through this time.

They get to meet children their own age

Studies have shown that kids who are around others their own age can develop language and social skills faster. Even if it’s just parallel play or spending time in the same room, children will soon start to come out of their shell. Take a look at child care centres in Perth’s Northern Suburbs, and you’ll see that the kids there develop friendships and begin to communicate with each other even at a young age, which is good for them.

You can get back some independence

Happy parents mean happy kids, and going back to work can help some adults gain a sense of purpose. It means you don’t have a big gap in your career, and can return to doing the thing that you love. When you find the right child care in South Perth, it means you can feel confident returning to work, knowing that your child is being well looked after and is having a great time.

They can try different activities

While you may do lots of activities at home, it can be hard to do anything messy or needing lots of space. Some activities they might do at day care include:

  • Painting and doing arts and crafts
  • Exploring outdoors and nature trails
  • Playing with musical instruments
  • Cooking
  • Gardening

As they get older, they can get more and more involved in these activities, and start to develop preferences for what they like to do. When looking for day care centres in Perth, choose one with a rich variety of activities, keeping your child entertained and stimulating their mind.

Children are better prepared for school

Starting school can be a big shock for children, so it’s a good idea to ease them into this kind of routine. Because they have a schedule at day care, and have to follow rules, it’s a little bit like school, so they know what to expect when they start. School can also feel long and tiring for kids who aren’t used to being out of the house, while those in day care will be used to these hours.

Children can pick up independence skills

It’s important that kids learn skills to become independent, and day care is a great place for them to pick up new things. When they go to child care centres in Perth, they see other kids doing things like feeding themselves and using the potty, and they want to copy them. Therefore, they can learn new skills a lot faster, keeping up with their peer group.

They’ll learn about the world around them

Day care centres are similar to schools in that they teach different subjects, with fun ways for kids to learn about the world around them. They get to explore nature, draw pictures, and do lots of fun activities that help them learn. When they go to child day care in Perth, kids can learn about lots of different subjects, and will enjoy the interactive experience.

Playtime is encouraged

Play is great for children, but many parents can feel tired after playing with their kids hour after hour, especially if they’re on their own. When kids go to child care in Perth City, they have a team of dedicated play workers who can spend the day coming up with new activities, and encourage kids to play nicely in groups. When kids are at home, it’s sometimes easy to placate them with a bit of TV or a tablet to play with, but at day care they get endless play and encouragement from enthusiastic workers.

Day care encourages active play

Active play is so important for small children, as they need an outlet to burn off all their energy. It can be hard for parents to keep up with an active child, and by sending them to child care in Perth, they can be sure that their kid will come back tired out at the end of the day. From running in the playground to organised sports and climbing trees, there are lots of ways that day care centres encourage kids to get moving.

Fussy eaters can expand their horizons

At home, it’s easy to pander to fussy eaters and give into their demands. However, when they go to day care, they have to eat with other children and therefore learn to try different foods. With healthy meals and snacks on offer, they’ll hopefully be encouraged to broaden their horizons.

Although moving to day care can be a big transition, it’s a great step in your child’s development. It means they can become more independent in a safe, nurturing environment, and make friends with their peers.

If you are looking for caring child care, get in touch with Little Peoples Place in Perth. Find your nearest centre here, and simply give them a call to arrange a tour and discuss enrolment.